The DVD Hut is strictly against all forms of copied and pirated dvds. We are actively fighting back against this illegal industry.

We carefully source all our dvds from the official manufacturers and reputable suppliers.

It's a fact of life that people make quick, easy money selling fake DVDs and it is big business. Most people don't want to fund criminals by buying from them, so what can you do to avoid them? On this page we discuss how you can spot them and what you can do if you find them.

How To Spot Pirated Discs

Sometimes it can be tricky to spot fakes, especially before you buy. But other times it can be either obvious or they can at least look extremely suspicious! Below are some things to look out for:

Does it appear too cheap? E.g. if a new film has just been released and most shops are selling it for £9.99 but you see one on eBay from a new seller that is selling it for £7.99 then that would be suspicious.

Is the seller new (e.g. only recently registered) and not got much feedback? That doesn't by itself mean the item is fake, but means you should be extra careful.

Has the DVD actually been released yet, or still being shown in cinemas?

Does the DVD have a hologram on the inner sleeve, and a BBFC classification (such as PG, etc)?

Is the DVD produced to a high standard? The artwork on the DVD should be good quality, as should the cover on the case. They should be full-colour and presented in a proper plastic or card case - not just a plastic sleeve.

Are the details on the DVD correct? That includes spellings, release dates, etc.

For more details on spotting a fake, have a look at this guide to identifying pirate CDs and DVDs

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